windows system-delete hyberfil.sys file in C: Drive-How To Guide

Hi ,How to Delete hiberfil.sys file from C Drive

Today I am going to install mysql in my windows 7 operating system with .msi installer.But Failed again and again.
I haven’t found any serious error in this.  I am suspecting that It supposed to be issue of space.

I have checked my C: drive space and its only in MB.

After analyzing my disk using tree size free disk analyzer , I found that major of disk occupy by hiberfil.sys file.But I am unable to delete hiberfil.sys file.
You can find hiberfil.sys file in C drive in the PC which have hibernate option enabled.

To resolve this issue we need to turn off hibernating .
command : powercfg -h off

After doing this we are able to delete hiberfil.sys file.
This post is about to delete hiberfil.sys file from C Drive to make some free space.
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