Fully Automated Nagios Inatallation Guide Step By Step

Fully Automated Nagios or FAN Nagios is the Free Network Monitoring System based on open source Nagios Core.Front End Used “Centreon Front End“. We have try to make it easy to understand and install FAN Nagios for our readers.Lets enjoy the installation and let us know your experience for Fully Automated Nagios installation and inform us in comment Box.

About Fully Automated Nagios (FAN Nagios)

FAN (Fully Automated Nagios)   is a Nagios based network monitoring system which

Installed on CentOS  including centreon frontend.

License: GNU

FAN distribution  is a ready disk image

This document is based on,

FAN stable version 2.4

Nagios version 3.4.4

Centreon 2.4.1

Negvis 1.7.6

Centos 5.9

To Download  FAN  Nagios  32 – bit distribution       Click  Here

To Download  FAN  Nagios  64 – bit distribution       Click  Here


System requirements

Minimum system requirements

4 GB free disk space

1 GB of RAM.

1 processor core

Recommended system requirements

20 GB plus the required disk space recommended essentials for /var. Disk space needed by mysql and rrd files

2 processors core or hyper-thread for each virtualized CPU.

2 GB of RAM.


You can install FAN on VMware ESX 3.5 or vSphere 4.1, but it is not recommended for large perimeters

(1000 hosts and 5000 services for example). However we recommend using one vCPU.

After down loading .ISO file , start booting It.


Fully Automated Nagios


Select your Language. Then Keyboard Type.


Fully Automated Nagios

Choose required partition.


Fully Automated Nagios

Swap partition should be more than 1.5 % of RAM

Allocate atleast 60 GB of HDD space for data retention of  3 months.

Select a Map Region.

Fully Automated Nagios

Set your root password.

Fully Automated Nagios

After installation, reboot the system.

Install Updates:

Command: yum update

Application  Access:

Nagios:  http://fanserverip/nagios

Centreon: http://fanserveripcentreon

Nagvis:  http://fanserverip/nagvis

Note:      Stop IPtables service or add exception

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