Solr Cloud Installation With External Zookeeper

Solr Cloud with external zookeeper installation is easy now. I have shared step by step guide of installation and configuration of Apache Solr Cloud with external zookeeper for Dlightdaily readers.

SolrCloud configuration and installation step by step guide

Solr Cloud
Solr Cloud
Apache Solr Cloud
Zookeeper Configuration Steps

Download Zookeeper 3.4.6


Configuration file location:
Rename it with zoo.cfg
Specify below parameters in zoo.cfg
DataDir=../zoo_Data(Depends on folder location)
ClientPort=2181 (For zookeeper 2, 3…….. 2182, 2183…………)
Make entry of all zookeeper servers
Create zoo_data folder in all zookeeper server,

Put myid file in all zookeeper servers in zoo_data folder, for zookeeper one-specify myid 1, for zookeeper two specify myid 2 and so on…

Sample myid file…

Sample of configured file, Open it with Edit Plus/Notepad…

To Start Zookeeper Server

Command for starting a Zookeeper server:

Now Start Zookeeper server one by one, when you start first and second server it will give errors. After starting a third server all three are synced and working.
Solr Cloud
Solr Cloud

Apache Solr Cloud

Solr Cloud Configuation Steps

Download Apache Solr 6.3.0

First configure solr.xml file


Note: we need 4 solr and 3 zookeeper server for solr cloud (zookeeper must be odd number, minimum three zookeeper require. only one zookeeper is not allowed. Among 4 solr, First one is your Shard1, 2nd solr is your Shard2, 3rd is Replica of Shard1 and 4th is Replica of Shard2 vice versa).

Configure Solr.xml file in all solr servers….
Location of solr.xml file:  Solr server Directory/solr/solr.xml
Host: Give IP Address here (Ensure that your IP must be given to your system before assigning it to solr).
Host Port: give solr server port here (default 8983)
You can give port 8983, 7574, 8900, 7500…etc.
4 Solr Servers and 3 ZooKeeper servers are ready now……………..

Commands to Start Solr:

Fire Command at Solr Directory on command prompt
Solr 1
D:Solr Cloudsolr-4.3.0solr1>java -DzkHost=,, -jar start.jar
Solr 2
D:Solr Cloudsolr-4.3.0solr2>java -Djetty.port=7574 -DzkHost=,, -jar start.jar
Solr 3
D:Solr Cloudsolr-4.3.0solr3>java -Djetty.port=8900 -DzkHost=,, -jar start.jar
Solr 4
D:Solr Cloudsolr-4.3.0solr4>java -Djetty.port=7500 -DzkHost=,, -jar start.jar

API URL : For access solr cloud

http://localhost:8983/solr/#/~cloud (specify your solr1 ip address inplace of localhost)
Create new core:
Run following command in internet explorer.

Upconfing command:

This command is used for to activate any changes in configuration.
Example for core : collection1
Run following command at …/solr/cloud-script
zkcli.bat -cmd upconfing -confdir “D:Solr Cloudsolr-4.3.0solr1solrcollection1conf” -confname collection1 -z
Note: Before firing a command please do manual entry in solr.xml file
Solr1-<core shard=”shard1″ instanced=”collection1″ name=”collection1″ collection=”collection1″/>

Check your cores with API URL

Dlightdaily is eager to hear from readers in Comment Box. If you have a any doubt or query please do comment in comment Box.


Disclaimer : This installation guide for Apache Solr Cloud tested on solr 4.3.0 and zookeeper 3.4.5 only.Do respective changes as per your requirement.

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