RBB director Patricia Schlesinger submits resignation

Patricia Schlesinger has announced her departure from the RBB directorship. In a letter that is available to WELT, Schlesinger tells the broadcaster’s broadcasting board that she is giving up her employment. At the same time, she criticizes “personal allegations and defamation”.

RBB director Patricia Schlesinger has submitted her resignation. This emerges from a letter that is available to WELT. First ” Bild ” had reported. Schlesinger writes to the RBB broadcasting council and its chairwoman Friederike von Kirchbach: “I hereby waive (…) the continuation of my employment.”

According to the contract, this waiver should become effective at the “end of the month with effect from February 28, 2023”, but could also happen earlier, as Schlesinger writes. However, she indicates that she only wants to resign earlier in the event of compensation: she is willing to shorten the period by “mutual agreement with the RBB” if it is ensured that this is a “contractual waiver”, writes Schlesinger. Her lawyer has already made a proposal for this.

The “step is infinitely difficult” for her. The “personal allegations and defamation” but had “taken on a scale that makes it personally impossible to continue to exercise the office”.

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