Is there any general logging service available on azure

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Problem: They used multiple Azure-hosted applications. Some are Azure Functions, some are API’s. Some are websites. Some use a common database. Some use their own custom database. But somehow all work together to form their own eco-system.

The problem is with logging. Over time, each of these apps was created with their own logging system. They want to consolidate them all into a single system.

They are looking over all of the services that Azure has to offer for some kind of solution.They don’t want standard SQL database for this. They would like a service that is specifically made for logging,which would ideally have its own built-in query system. The idea is that we will create our own internal Logging API which can be called from every application.Then this api will store the logs.

They are thinking about Azure Log Analytics Workspace is not the solution because it’s about machine prformance and the want it for Servie like their API send log records to it, they are not sure about this !!

Application Insights does a great job of this, but of course,each app has its own instance of Application Insights. And they want a single, consolidated repository for all logs for all applications.

Summarizing Question : Is there any logging service in Azure for General Purpose logging ?


I have researched some on Internet and found Azure Monitor is the best solution.


Kusto query will also help you in this


Look into below image for more visual idea.

Reader should check is this a perfect solutions? Comment below if you have any more idea on this.

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