Chrome’s FLEDGE API testing to start soon on AdSense

AdSense will begin initial testing for FLEDGE API integration without rendering any ads, on a small percentage of traffic on or after August 28, 2022. There is no publisher revenue or performance impact expected and no change on how publisher controls apply for now. We’ll be sharing more information before AdSense starts rendering ads via FLEDGE. If you would like to turn off access to FLEDGE on your sites, you can do so via Chrome’s permission-policy header.

Please note, the use of Topics and FLEDGE is subject to Google’s EU User Consent policy requirements (e.g. obtaining users’ legally valid consent for the collection, sharing and use of personal data for ads personalization).



FLEDGE is a Privacy Sandbox proposal to serve remarketing and custom audience use cases, designed so it cannot be used by third parties to track user browsing behavior across sites.


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