Service Check Timed Out for “Check_MK” service

Service Check Timed Out for “Check_MK” service
Service Check Timed Out for “Check_MK” service

First troubleshooting step is the following.
On the command line do a cmk --debug -vvn hostname If it runs correctly you get a time at the end.
This you can do 2-3 times to see if there is a deviation between each run.

For the RAW edition you can only change the timeout globally. This is important to remember as you have to consider this for the check interval settings of hosts with high runtime.

Go to ~/etc/nagios/nagios.d/ open the tuning.cfg and search for this option service_check_timeout=60. This is the global check timeout for service checks.

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As you have a  timeout problem only for “Check_MK” and “Check_MK Discovery” services.

These two are the only real services executed by your monitoring core all other get the data from the “check_mk” service.

With the command cmk --debug -vvn hostname you run the Check_MK service manually.

That’s why i said you should do this more than one time to get an average and maximum time.


OK – [snmp] Success, execution time 235.9 sec

Issue resolved.

This is way more than your maximum time of 180 seconds. It is possible that you get timeouts again.

You should watch at what part it takes so long and decide if you want these checks or not.

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