Fully Automated Nagios: Host and service config issue

Fully Automated Nagios

Fully Automated Nagios,Host and service are not showing in monitoring view ?   You have to export your configuration,   go to Configuration > Monitoring Engines > Generate   Select a poller Check “Move Export Files” and “Restart Monitoring Engine” Click on Export   I have observed that, ” after any config change, we need to export it to take effect”.   Feel … Read more

How To Backup and Restore Fully Automated Nagios(FAN Nagios) with Configuration and All.

Fully Automated Nagios

FAN Server Backup The fan-backup script is available if you want backup your FAN server. Install the fan-backup rpm : # yum install fan-backup To backup a FAN standonale, run # /opt/fan_backup.pl -s To get help, run : # /opt/fan_backup.pl –help FAN Server  Restore To restore a backup files, run : # cd /var/backup/XXXXXXXX_XXXXXX/ # … Read more

Fully Automated Nagios Installation and Configuration Step By Step

Fully Automated Nagios Installation and Configuration Step By Step Guide

Hi Guys,   If you are in IT Industry and particularly in IT Infrastructure then monitoring infra is the big task for you! There are lots of product which provides IT Infra monitoring Solution on Huge pay! But don’t worry! We have a miracle free solution for you to monitor your infra. And that is Fully Automated Nagios……………………. It’s a … Read more

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