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Fully Automated Nagios Inatallation Guide Step By Step 2

Fully Automated Nagios 1-D.light.Daily

Fully Automated Nagios or FAN Nagios is the Free Network Monitoring System based on open source Nagios Core.Front End Used “Centreon Front End“. We have try to make it easy to understand and install FAN Nagios for our readers.Lets enjoy the installation and let us know your experience for Fully Automated Nagios installation and inform us in comment Box. (more…)

Fully Automated Nagios: Host and service config issue 1

Fully Automated Nagios

Fully Automated Nagios,Host and service are not showing in monitoring view ?


Fully Automated Nagios- FAN Nagios-Dlightdaily

Fully Automated Nagios- FAN Nagios

You have to export your configuration,


go to

Configuration > Monitoring Engines > Generate
Select a poller
Check “Move Export Files” and “Restart Monitoring Engine”
Click on Export
I have observed that, ” after any config change, we need to export it to take effect”.
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How To Backup and Restore Fully Automated Nagios(FAN Nagios) with Configuration and All. 3

Fully Automated Nagios
FAN Server Backup
The fan-backup script is available if you want backup your FAN server.

Install the fan-backup rpm :

# yum install fan-backup

To backup a FAN standonale, run

# /opt/ -s

To get help, run :

# /opt/ –help
FAN Server  Restore
To restore a backup files, run :

# cd /var/backup/XXXXXXXX_XXXXXX/

# rsync -ravcz centreon /etc
# rsync -ravcz nagvis /etc
# rsync -ravcz logos /usr/share/nagios/images/
# rsync -ravcz plugins /usr/lib/nagios/ # i386 arch or
# rsync -ravcz plugins /usr/lib64/nagios/ # x86_64 arch
# rsync -ravcz pages /var/www/dokuwiki/data/

To restore database :

# cd /var/backup/XXXXXXXX_XXXXXX/databases

# zcat centreon2/centreon2.sql.gz | mysql centreon2
# zcat centreon2_storage/centreon2_storage.sql.gz | mysql centreon2_storage
# zcat nagios/nagios.sql.gz | mysql nagios