Brian Laundrie’s that Gabby Petito’s death was a mercy killing because of her hypothermia


Brian Laundrie, 23, admitted to killing his fiancée Gabby Petito, 22, last year, according to notebook passages that have recently come to light. He claimed in the passages that she was killed mercilessly after falling into a small creek and becoming hypothermic.

Later, it was determined that Petito was killed by manual strangulation. But according to medical examiners Michael Baden and Cyril Wecht, who spoke to FOX News, her symptoms did not match those of hypothermia.

They claimed that she was not likely experiencing the extreme cold at the time of her death.
Laundrie’s account of the events was dubbed “farcical” by John Kelly, a criminal profiler and psychotherapist, and Jason Jensen, a private investigator.

They claim Laundrie was a serial abuser who exhibited symptoms of both sociopathic disorder and extremely narcissistic personality disorder.

They argued that euthanasia is murder even if he did kill her out of mercy.

Brian Laundrie’s recently-uncovered claims that he killed his fiancée, Gabby Petito, out of mercy have been disputed by two of America’s top medical examiners.

Laundrie, 23, admits that he killed his 22-year-old fiancée after she fell into a creek and hurt herself at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming on their cross-country road trip last summer in pictures of eight wet pages of his notebook.


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